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Switch Off


Oil 8"x10"
Signed open edition paper -$40.00

Up in the hills of Rhinebeck, NY is an aerodrome where one can still smell the castor oil burning from the old war birds of World War One. To start a radial engine, first you must turn the propeller completely through a cycle to prime the engine with fuel and oil. To prevent the engine from starting during this sequence, the field hand will yell "Switch Off," with the pilot confirming by replying, "Switch Off," and the field hand will safely perform the priming sequence without the engine starting. Next, the field hand will yell "Switch On," with the pilot confirming by saying "Switch On," and with a pull of the prop, you will hear a sound from the ages. Switch Off is a still life that just happens to be Old Rhinebeck Areodrome's Sopwith Camel.

Switch Off is a newly released print, sold in galleries, and

2003 Craig Slaff