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Craig Slaff Artist

109 Bassetts Bridge Rd.

Sussex, N.J. USA 07461

oil 26"x46"

Print Size 18"x32"
The only evidence of a Jubbs Mechanical Steam Trencher is an engraving which was published in a 1905 newspaper. I chose to paint this painting in sepia tones to recreate how the original photograph may have looked.

Print S/N 900 - $130
Artist's Proofs s/n 90 - $155

oil 16"x20"

Print Size 16"x20"
Who says, "Man can't move mountains!" The power and weight of the earth in this massive bucket can almost be felt as this P&H loads the MT-4400 Lectrahaul.

Oil Prints 900 - $95
90 Artist's Proofs - $110

oil 24"x36"
One of the most entrancing machines to watch at work is a dragline in water. This Northwest dragline draws you into the scene as it's bucket hit's the water.

Oil Canvas Prints 900 - $550

oil 16"x20"

Print Size 16"x20"
Keeping the equipment running, can be the difference between a project staying on budget, or falling short. When the equipment brakes down, it's up to the mechanics to keep the job on schedule, even if it means working through the night.

Oil Prints s/n 900 - $95
Oil Artist's Proofs s/n 90 - $110

oil 32"x32"
It is nothing new that Union construction workers are a proud and patriotic group. It was always a special privilege to help hang the flag at the end of a hard day's work, and it is a wonderful sight to see on the way to work the next day.

Oil Canvas Print 900 S/N - $750

oil 9"x12"
On July 20th, 1916, Charles Chapman, of the 24th Squadron shot down a Fokker E. in his DH2 over High Wood, making this the third victory of his career and earned him the Military Cross. Charles had a total of seven victories when his aerodrome was bombed and he was hit by fragments and died of his wounds. Charles' brother, W.W. Chapman, was an observer for the 22nd Squadron and was shot down and killed the day after Charles funeral.

Oil Canvas Prints s/n 450 - $250
Oil Artist's Proofs s/n 45 - $300

oil 16"x20"

Print Size 16"x20"
The USS Valley Forge battles winter squalls as she brings in her night F-4U-5NL from VC-3. Too slow to intercept the new MIG jet fighters over Korea, the pilots of VC-3 were successful in night interdictions of convoys of men, tanks and supplies behind enemy lines.

Oil Artist's Proofs s/n 53 - $700
Print s/n 53 - $130
Print Artist's Proof 53 - $150

oil 11"X14"

The Tri-Star L-1011 was Lockheed's attempt to create a commercial aircraft to compete with the DC-10. The L-1011 500 Series was ahead of its' time. It was the first commercial aircraft to have fly-by-wire technology and electronic activated ailerons. Due to delays in development of the Tri-Star's advanced electronic equipment, many orders were canceled by airlines, and they bought McDonnell Douglas DC-10's, instead. When the Tri-Star was finally developed, the "sun had already set" on Lockheed's bid for building commercial aircraft. Only 249 Tri-Star's were built.

Oil Canvas Prints s/n 249 - $250
Artist's Proofs 24 - $300

oil 8"x10"

Print Size 8"x10"
Up in the hills of Rhinebeck, NY is an aerodrome where one can still smell the castor oil burning from the old war birds of World War One. To start a radial engine, first you must turn the propeller completely through a cycle to prime the engine with fuel and oil. To prevent the engine from starting during this sequence, the field hand will yell "Switch Off," with the pilot confirming by replying, "Switch Off," and the field hand will safely perform the priming sequence without the engine starting. Next, the field hand will yell "Switch On," with the pilot confirming by saying "Switch On," and with a pull of the prop, you will hear a sound from the ages. Switch Off is a still life that just happens to be Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome's Sopwith Camel.

Signed Open Edition Print - $40

oil, 9"x12"

Print Size 8"x10"
A Goldfinch enjoys a sunny summer day as it sits on an Allis-Chalmers in a secluded field that only he and the farmer know. Allis in Wonderland is the summer scene for a four seasons tractor series.

Open edition 8"x10" print - $30

Case of the Red-winged Blackbird
oil, 9"x 12"

Print Size 8"x10"
A Red-winged Black bird takes in the sights as it rests on an old Case Crossmotor. This is the spring subject, in a four seasons tractor series, that includes wildflowers and a local winged friend.

Open edition - $30

The Turkey and the Deere
oil, 9"x 12"

Print Size 8"x10"
A Turkey investigates a John Deere tractor. This is the autumn subject, in a four seasons tractor series, that includes wildflowers and a local winged friend.

Open edition print - $30

Work only for one
oil, 9"x 12"

Print Size 8"x10"
A Pheasant passes an old Ford tractor as he makes for cover. This is the winter subject, in a four seasons tractor series, that includes country scenes and a local winged friend.

Open edition print - $30

Four Season Four Tractor Special
each print is oil, 8"x 10"
Order all four tractor prints for the price of three.

Four 8"x10" Print Series:

Open edition print - $90

oil, 11"x 14"
Mystic Seaport's, Roann sits quietly at her dock for all to appreciate on this still day.

Oil Prints s/n 900 - $95

pen/ink, 14"x 17"
Dignity is a stipple ( dots creating an image ) I did for a gallery that sold only Wild Life Art. After eight weeks of placing dots next to each other, I found that my feelings for this America symbol came through and was staring back at me with unblinking eyes. With all the work I do for the military, Dignity became my Logo.

Pen/Ink s/n 1000 $40.00

Pen/Ink 8 x 11
The Phantom was designed for the U.S. Navy and was first flown in 1958. In 1961, the F-4B was compared with Air Force fighters, and it was found to out-perform their fighters by a wide margin. As a result, it was ordered in modified form as the F-110; soon re-designated the F-4C.

Pen/Ink s/n 500 $20.00

Pen/Ink 14x17
In the summer of 1944, Capt. Richard E. Tunner ruled the French skies in his P-51 Short Fuse Sallee with the 356 fighter squadron, 354 fighter group with twenty victories.

Pen/Ink s/n 1000 - $40.00

Pen/Ink 8 x 11
In the two wars since World War II, (Korea and Vietnam) the Air Force wanted to maintain a close support aircraft that could also counter the odds with the on-growing Russian Tank forces near the West Germany's boarders. With the collapse of the USSR, the A-10 was thought not to be needed for the active service, and was to be slotted for the reserves. Such thinking has changed, the A-10 proved it's importance as a close support aircraft in Desert Storm.

Pen/Ink s/n 500 - $20.00

Pen/Ink 8 x 11
With the emergence of the Mig-23 and Mig-25 in 1967, the U.S. Air Force believed it was falling behind in an air superiority fighter. This made for a major competition in which McDonnell Douglas at St. Louis was selected to build the new aircraft. The Eagle with tri-belly tanks is an intercontinental interceptor.

Pen/Ink s/n 500 - $20.00

Pen/Ink 8 x 11
The Falcon was never actually meant to be built. It was instead started merely as a technology demonstration to see to what degree it would be possible to build a useful fighter that was significantly smaller and cheaper the F-15. Though the Falcon is in fact no Eagle, it did become a very successful aircraft. It has become a major pat of the U.S. Air Force, not to mention a leading exported aircraft.

Pen/Ink s/n 500 - $20.00

Pen/Ink 14x17
February 24, 1942, Douglas SBD-3, Dauntless of VSB-6, from the carrier Enterprise, fly toward the island of Wake to bomb the Japanese on the once American "Frontier Base".

Pen/Ink s/n 1000 - $40.00

Pen/Ink 14x17
As Hiking for Home flies through heavy flak, gunners wait for flak's end and prepare a stong reception for the dreaded Me-109 and Fw-190's.

Pen/Ink s/n 1000 - $40.00

Pen/Ink 8 x11
Pen/Ink s/n 500 - $20.00

Pen/Ink 14 x 17
Pen/Ink s/n 245 - $40.00

Pen/Ink 8 x 11
Pen/Ink s/n 240 - $20.00


2003 Craig Slaff